Easy sling <$20

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Easy sling <$20

Post by Rapier1772 » 20 Aug 2008, 15:04

Its less than $20 if you already have the Uncle Mike's stud :p ATI SKS/AK rifle sling at Cabela's ($15). Stud goes through a standard rail mounted to the PS90 but had to cut off about 1/4" - forgot to get a close up of that, sorry.
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Re: Easy sling <$20

Post by EARS » 23 Aug 2008, 18:11

Thanks for the photos. I got a sling for mine, but don't really like it. Of course I haven't had much time to carry it and get used to it. Maybe it will turn out OK. If not, thanks to you I'll know where to get a simpler and much cheaper one.

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